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Ombak - PANTAI Series

Ombak - PANTAI Series


Coaster / trinket tray


The Story Behind

Combined with real sand brought back from the breathtaking Malaysian beach, Tioman island, this piece is created to bring you holiday vibes. 


'Ombak' means 'waves' in the Malaysian language. During the first few days of our trip in Tioman island, the waves were big and too dangerous for a snorkel (they even put 2 red flags up as a warning sign). When they took the flags off, we quickly rented a body board I body surfed for the very first time! It was fuuuuun.


The sand used here is sourced from the beach in Kampung Juara, East of Tioman Island. It is more of a secluded part when compared to the West part of the island. Because of this, it is quiet and peaceful. Plus, there are lesser lights at night which makes it perfect for stargazing!


The sand gives a really nice texture to the coaster. As you run your fingers on the coaster, you can literally feel the sand beneath your fingertips. You can also see the mesmerising beach sand that has fused with the ceramic coaster.

Approximate measurement
Diameter: 9cm


    The coasters from the PANTAI series are NOT food-safe.  Please do not put food on them.

  • Approximate Measurement

    Diameter 9cm

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