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One-time Pottery Wheel Class

RM200 | 3 hours | Per person

+RM35/kg firing fee

Experience creating using the pottery wheel.

Recommended for those looking for 

a creative and fun day out with friends/family.

About the class

and what to expect


3 hours


Class hours:

Saturday: 2pm-5pm

Sunday: 10am-1pm

Wednesday: 10am-1pm

Friday: 10am-1pm

What you will learn to make:

- Basic cylinder cups but creative freedom is highly encouraged

What you will learn:

- Centering clay on the pottery wheel

- How to make cylinder cups

- Do's and don'ts when throwing on a pottery wheel

- Experimenting with different shapes

What is included:

- Unlimited use of clay

- Trimming if you are firing your work

- Delivery (only within Peninsular Malaysia)

What is excluded:

- Firing charges are RM35/kg. No charges if you do not fire your work.

Ps: In order to bring your work home, your work has to be fired.

Follow up if you are firing your work:

- Please come back in around 3 weeks to glaze your work. 


If you do not return to glaze your work within 1 month, your work will be glazed by us in any colour and be delivered to your address.

When will you get your final work?

- 1.5 to 2 months after your class

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