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These cups are fired in a wood kiln. 


The outer brown colour is natural occuring colour that is gotten from the fire burning around the cups.


Inside of the cup is glazed in a transparent glaze to allow easy cleaning. There are some specks inside the cup, those are ashes from the wood that is burnt inside the wood kiln and landed inside the cups.

  • Approximate Measurement


    Height: 6.5cm

    Diameter: 8.5cm

    Volume: 200ml



    Height: 6cm

    Diameter: 8cm

    Volume: 150ml

  • Product Note

    Glaze can be considered very much alive and has a mind of its own when it burns in the kiln. The final colour(s) will be different from the conventional mass-produced and machine-made tableware where the colour is consistent throughout.

    Pottery glaze reflects the way the artist apply the glaze, the atmosphere in the kiln and how the elements in the clay and glaze react to each other. Every item is one of a kind and has its own character. This, is the beauty of pottery. Please also expect some perfect imperfections as it is a handmade item.


    All work is made from stoneware clay and has been high-fired and is vitrified. They are food-safe.