An Encounter with Clay

Mini Exhibition at Cite Book Garden, Sri Petaling

Cheah Yeow Seng x Cite Book Garden


"Cheah Yeow Seng: Local ceramic artist

I mostly focus on teaching pottery. In order for students to understand pottery better and faster, I will look for various teaching methods.

Fire is mostly what creates the art of pottery because when we fire the works, it changes. It is as if the clay has its own mind. Whatever you want it to become, it will become. However, making a good piece requires many factors to work well together, not only the 'producing' part. The pottery clay, glazes and the design have to be in harmony in order to create a perfect piece. 

Malaysia is a tropical country and because of this, our soil is very moist and plastic (perfect to be used as clay). It is so special because different areas in Malaysia  produce different coloured clay, giving the works their own characteristics. I like combining clay from different areas and I insist my clay to be as natural as possible, without adding too much man-made material to the clay. 

A nice work tells a story, not just 'nice' for a moment. Hold it and observe it slowly, immerse yourself in it. One person may interpret an artwork differently than the other due to their experience in life.

Whichever artwork that catches your attention the moment you see them, that is the one for you. Then, think about if the artwork can be incorporated in your life - that is, if it is usable/functional? Also, it is also important that more you use it, the more stories it tells."

Cite Book Garden

41, Jalan Radin Anum, Bandar Sri Petaling,

57000 Kuala Lumpur.

30th July to 30th August

Opens everyday

11am to 7pm